Teen Entrepreneur Workshop

The Teen Entrepreneur Workshop

One of the biggest challenges for libraries is how to attract young adults. YA audiences are notoriously hard to please and many presenters ignore them all together. Mike Rose has performed thousands of children’s magic programs in libraries. Over the years, he has been frequently asked if he had a YA program. As a response to these librarians Mike created The Sleight of Hand Workshop and The Card Trick Workshop. Mike has had a lot of success presenting these program to teens and has learned what motivates teenagers. Material objects! Well, maybe not all teens are that easy to categorize, but many are. So Mike decided to create another YA workshop that will teach teens how they can make money by being their own bosses.

The Teen Entrepreneur Workshop is a 90 minute program that introduces teens (ages 12 – 17) to the world of small business. As a magician, magic historian, and published author, Mike Rose has learned a few things about being an entrepreneur. Being self-employed for over 20 years has taught him how to start, promote, and run a successful business. And now he’s put together this workshop to teach these concepts to teens.

Most teenagers who want to make some money turn to fast food or retail. These jobs can be an unpleasant experience, and it’s doubtful that any teen’s dream is to work as a burger flipper! By showing teens that they can start a small business and be their own bosses, it taps an interest that they already have: to make some money. By tapping a preexisting mindset, this program draws the teens into your library.

Your Teen Patrons will Learn:

  • How To Get Started

  • Ideas for Types of Businesses

  • Goal Setting

  • Running the Business

  • Advertising & Marketing

This is a fun, informational, entertaining program with lots of group participation.” – Sally Fiske – Essex Library – BCPL

The fee for The Teen Entrepreneur Workshop is $375 complete. There are no additional fees for travel. However, if two or more programs are scheduled on the same day, the fee drops to only $300 for each program! The programs do not have to be at the same library, merely on the same day. If you coordinate with another library on your listserv you can each receive the reduced rate.

Please call or email if you have any questions or to reserve a date.

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