Summer Calendar


Summer Performance Schedule 

This calendar will be updated to reflect the dates for summer 2022 as they are reserved. It is never too early to contact Mike for summer 2022. Call 443-226-9900 or email today and lock in your all new summer program for 2022.

Please note that if a date is taken it may be for only part of the day, i.e., if the morning is booked, you could still have the afternoon or evening.

Please call or e-mail if you have a question about any specific dates or travel logistics.

This calendar is continually updated as dates get booked, please don’t hesitate to contact Mike to reserve your date as soon as possible to avoid losing your preferred date and time. Thanks!

(Note: this is NOT an interactive calendar; it is merely a listing of the dates and time slots that are already booked. If you want to reserve a date and time please e-mail Mike to hold your date.)

JUNE 2022

JULY 2022


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Phone: 1.443.226.9900