Halloween Magic

The Halloween Magic Show

This is a great all ages library program for October!

Mike Rose presents an entertaining magic show specifically for the Halloween season at your library.  Magic shows are a traditional form of entertainment during Halloween but Mike has taken it a step further.  Mike’s “Halloween Magic Show” is completely themed around the holiday!  Kids at your library will experience magic that is strange, odd, and spooky.  However, the show is not over the top frightening, this is a show for all ages and is very “kid friendly.”  The show is very interactive, too.  The children don’t just sit and watch the program; they become part of the show.  And like all of Mike’s shows this program was created with your library in mind.  Throughout the performance books are referenced and library use is promoted.

If you’ve had Mike at your library before, then you know how popular his shows are.  If you haven’t, just schedule Mike for your library and your patrons will tell you themselves!

“Mike Rose presented an entertaining program that entranced the children. Immediately following the performance they chose many books to borrow, and were brimming with excitement to show us their treasures. Mike’s genuine and humorous interaction with the audience charmed the adults as much as the children. The evening was magical as he engaged all ages in the fun. Mike Rose is a dawg-gone awesome way to promote libraries and reading with a clever sleight of hand, the kids won’t even notice they were learning!” – Cynthia Thornley P.D. ~ Brown Memorial Library, Charles County Public Library

The program is 45 minutes long and the fee is $350.00 complete (there are no extra fees for travel, etc.).  However, if you schedule two or more performances the fee drops to only $315.00 each!  The programs don’t have to be at the same location, merely coordinated with other libraries to be on the same day.

You are encouraged to send out a message on your listserv to coordinate with other librarians to share a date and receive the reduced rate.

Contact Mike Rose Today

Phone: 1.443.226.9900

Email:  Mike.Rose.Magic@verizon.net