Card Trick Workshop

Card Trick Workshop

Mike Rose presents 100’s of comedy magic shows each year for children at libraries. However, when not performing magic at libraries he also performs sophisticated sleight of hand magic for adults at corporate events and private functions (including the 55th Inaugural Candlelight Dinner for President George W. Bush, and on several occasions for former Vice President Al Gore at the Vice Presidential Residence). Drawing on his experience as a performer of card magic, Mike has created a new program that is challenging enough to hold the interest of teens yet not so difficult that they will be unable to learn the tricks. No previous experience is needed for the students to attend the card trick workshop, just a willingness to learn some mind-boggling card magic that they can use to amaze their family and friends.

Please note, this workshop is completely different than Mike’s other magic class, The Sleight of Hand Workshop. That program features sleight of hand tricks that do NOT use any cards. This program is focused on only unique card magic.

The Details…

Professional magician and sleight of hand expert Mike Rose presents The Card Trick Workshop for students aged 12 and up. Students will learn unique and seldom seen card tricks featuring sleight of hand, mathematical principals, subtlety, psychology and subterfuge.

The fee for The Card Trick Workshop is $295 complete. It is a 60 minute session and, due to the sophisticated nature of the material taught, this program is intended for YA Groups (ages 12 -17) at your library. The workshop can have up to 35 students in attendance. A new deck of cards is provided by Mike Rose for each student. And at the end of the class they are theirs to keep! If more than 35 students would like to attend The Card Trick Workshop, an additional 60 minute workshop can be scheduled on the same day at the reduced rate of $250 each (that is, $250 for each session making a total of only $500 for the two 60 minute sessions).

Remember, all necessary card magic supplies are provided by Mike Rose so the students can begin performing their card tricks right away. And of course, they get to keep the supplies, which means each student will go home and continue practicing their new card magic skills they learned at your library!

The fee for The Card Trick Workshop is only $295 per 60 minute session for up to 35 students. However, if you coordinate with another library in your area to schedule a program on the same day, you will both receive the discounted rate of only $250 each! Merely e-mail a few librarians in your area, choose a date, and save!

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